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To explain a 27-year Quest in words alone is impossible.

The main mission was to design an alone standing Chemical to solve all your Professional and Domestic Cleaning problems and we came very close to this target. For Market Exposure Large Companies use one product and package this in different containers, different labels, and target different cleaning possibilities to actually make more money.

We are a - saving you money -  structure in all ways so we decided not to follow this normally acceptable format.

We started off using all developed formulas to be exceptionally safe on all color fast Fabric's and everything available has been tested inside a Carpet Cleaning Business that now celebrates its 25th birthday.

No other Spotters or Stain removers were ever used and we decided to place our self in the following Niche Markets.

1. An All Fabric and non-harmful Detergent Disinfectant which is our flagship product BusterCide. It received an SANS 1853 certification proving it not containing harmful ingredients and is considered food safe

2. The most successful Cleaning Chemical to be used to remove all stains and dirt from Carpets, Clothing, Overalls and your most sensitive materials.

3. The world first stabilization of an active ingredient named Glutaraldehyde inside our formulation at a PH that was never before accomplished making it the most potent cleaner with the capabilities to destroy all Germs, Fungi, and Viruses according to accomplished SANS or SABS standards designated to Glutaraldehyde.

Our chemical surpasses the cleaning capabilities of hardest Surface Heavy Duty Degreasers which is flooding the market at present with uncountable super imposed names.

It can be used to replace almost everything from Engine Cleaners, Oven Cleaners, heavy duty Floor Tile Cleaners, Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaners, All non-pharmaceutical Disinfectants and Sanitizers, all non-Hospital Approved Sterilizers, Wide spectrum Pest Repellants and Viral as well as Fungal Control Agents.

This list continues indefinitely and as your time is precious we stop here.


We managed to complete our Quest to fulfill all your cleaning needs with only 1 Chemical.

The best Material cleaner we know about and the Super Disinfecting version.

This contains Nano Technological breakthroughs, rubbing shoulders with Quantum Physics and years of blood sweat and tears. Not even to mention the magnetic properties we created and dealt with.

This excludes your favorite Washing powder and Bleach related products and Sunlight is the best Dishwashing Liquid anyway.

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As we are a Startup many tests for Pharmaceutical and Hospital use is in the pipeline. Racing Pigeon Unions, pet and livestock breeders

Become part of our Marketing and Allocated Business Unit Team and for a Pro Forma of what fantastic opportunity this could be for you to achieve more Financial Freedom please complete our marketing mailform clicking hereYou will have no worthwhile opposition in the niche market we cover and our remuneration is unbelievable.

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